Amelia Hooper is an industry Marketing and Communications professional based in Auckland, New Zealand. She is currently undertaking a role overseeing Brand Identity, Social Media and Content Strategy, Email, Paid Media, Online/Offline partnerships, influencers, Events, and all Marketing campaign work. Prior to this, she spent 3 years in an Internal Communications team aiding in award-winning Marketing and HR strategies, also dabbling in Graphic Design. Before that, she shaped digital communications, marketing, and social outputs for Start-Up Blog ‘Marke+Ed’, as well as working in Sales and Retail. Over the past years, through contract roles and consulting work, Amelia has shaped content, produced events, crafted social media strategy, and built online and offline communities for everything from small businesses to global brands. She’s a fan of good books and good coffee with equal enthusiasm, and when she’s not slinging Tweets and Snapchats, you’ll find her at the nearest beach or music venue. Amelia is completing a Bachelor of Communications and a Bachelor of Business majoring in Public Relations and Market Insights.

“As a freelancer, I am captivated with the idea of making everything I do efficient and accessible. But more importantly, I have an absolute unwavering passion for all things creative done professionally and beautifully”

– Amelia Hooper.