Hailwood NZFW 2017

Though a flawless production come catwalk time, the show was deterred by the fact that it was running late to schedule. Fashionably late – but really, still is that an excuse to have people waiting an hour.

Models mimicking those dolls you see from the 70s – big hair barbies – with the shows production team getting the lights hitting all the right places.

The clothes, well… you know they say have low expectations and have them more easily surpassed… I had high expectations after seeing the previous seasons range from Hailwood and expectations were once again reached and built upon.

The colours of gowns, high necked shirts and bell bottomed pants drew back to age mimicked – that mustard and dark forest green (among others) pertinent of the era. These tones, exhibited alongside the usual Hailwood grey and black.

I love a fashion throwback, and while I am not a fashion reporter – I loveHailwoodand would recommend having a sift through this seasons collection of NZFW 2017.