Tan talks

It is unusual for me to write about something I truly am the opposite of – tan…

I suppose going to full-blast into Winter as pale as a sheet (and almost tinted blue) is not the best way to ensure self-confidence sporting the short black dress I planned on wearing later that evening.

There are rare times in a year that I book myself for a spray tan, usually before events I am speaking at – those ones when you realise that the whole room will be looking at your legs while you stand (usually slightly higher than the audience) on a stage. So, by any scale, I would not consider myself a “tan connoisseur”.


Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to meet someone who was – Jessica Binnendyk from Tan in the City. Tan in the city is the GO TO salon for your spray tan needs.  Jessica has been in the Spray tanning business for over 5 years and takes a heart-warming amount of pride in her work. Jessica is also Black Magic’s Auckland Spray Tan trainer – providing training to people wanting to join the spray tan industry -so, it’s safe to say – I was in good hands.

My Experience:

  • Arriving a slightly damp from a day of meetings, I was instantly welcomed and made to feel comfortable (you kind of get over the whole ‘standing there naked’ part when you’re chatting away).
  • I was then coated head-to-toe with the Black Magic Tan in ‘Argan 12%’
  • Lucky for the impatient types (me), it is a two hour tan. Then it’s wash off time and it develops over night. NO MORE ORANGE BED SHEETS!
  • After washing off, it was perfectly fine to go out and continue life as usual – unlike other tans when you sit in them stilted by the threat of being ‘blotchy’.
  • The next morning, I woke up beautifully tanned AND note that the dreadful smell that gives away the secret of a spray tan was non-existent.
  • I will be posting more pictures to my Instagram page so you can the results for yourself.

Tan in the City promise “No orange & No bad tan stories.”

I second that ^

Go give them a try for your next tanning occasion and let me know how it goes!