The Yoga Festival, Embrace your inner Mastery

Four days, with 75+ of the finest teachers and practitioners and over 150 workshops and classes is what made up the heart and soul of the Yoga Festival 2018.

I spent a good part of my weekend experiencing these workshops and classes, and trying new things - my favourite of which  being the beetroot ruby lattes (I’m going to have to find these in a local cafe because I’m not sure I can wait another year for the festival in 2019!).

Stand-up paddle boarding yoga was another feat, tried and achieved in the space of an hour. Although, not the most relaxing of experiences - it’s definitely something I encourage everyone to have a crack at! 

Another success I can talk to, and will talk to - is the multitude of market stalls, selling and sharing their wisdoms with the festival crowd. I’ve never seen myself as a ‘crystal’ person - but after talking with a particular lady and her partner I now am the proud owner of a crystal collection - which I’m sure will only grow bigger in years to come.

The theme of the festival for 2018 was “embrace your inner mastery” a line that I didn’t fully understand until the closing ceremony. From this experience it was clear that is wasn’t as much about being good at yoga, the qualification you hold or the poses you can do - but rather about acknowledging your strengths and giving it a go. 


Check out more from the yoga festival over at and at their website.